Just a Letter to Jesus

Life is a story. not only you and i, but also everything around us..

You went to a new place i can’t see, far enough, far between ocean to reach the top of your ambition, to catch them like a tiger, make it real…

I’m still here, and i fell tired. Sometimes i pray to God for Letting me go with him to His House there, Where there’s nothing else but He and I..

I think it’s not important how long i live on this world, but how i live by standing, doing, and making my friend smile, laugh, and make them happy… It’s enough

But, i haven’t made some things from my life… Let me do what i want to… Before going to a better place, i want make some achievements in sampling and writing, oh i forget it.. I want to make it in Photography too.

I want to serve You well as an usher in Your House, Abba Father..  I want to be a line of Your blessings to my friends, family etc from my words, acts etc..

I want to bring many soul knowing You, Jesus…

And the last, i wanna be a memorable person to my family, friends, and special others

Thank you for being my family all this time, teaching me how to live, making me laugh, smile and many things i can’t express.. Let me keeping in spirit to face many problems during my time…

With Love,

By: Priskila Saragih

Such a huge blessing knowing you guys…