Do you have any idea?

I think you who are majoring in industry, chemie, petroleum, economy etc can answer this problem. How to make a new solution that can be good to Government and people in Indonesia.
Last night, my mother and i watched economic challenges on Metro TV. And they discussed about biofuel in Indonesia. Because of increasing value from Dollar to Rupiah, Government want to make a new project by adding biofuel from about 5% up to 20% in next 2025. For sure, we need serious preparation for this. Why? Cause producers of oil palm have to prepare and guarantee that they can produce more oil palm for this short time. It’s such a huge glad for those producer. They will have big profit.
Automatically, we can reduce import from the other countries.

But, we have to face this wisely, because so many other aspects, that Government has to think. We must consider balance with naural resources. By adding biofuel til 20%, it means that the other products from oil palm, etc can jump up, and it’s very difficult to people.
So, what must we do about this problem? Do u have any idea about this? in one side, we can reduce our import by doing this. But, in another side, the prices of the other products can jump up and make bigger problem to people.

If u have some idea, you can comment below, or email to Metro TV. If it’s good enough, it will be very very useful to our beloved Country, Indonesia.

Good afternoon guys!!!


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